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Can you really play alone? I tried playing FF14 Reborn Eorzea 

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Can you really play alone I tried playing FF14 Reborn Eorzea.

Can you really play alone I tried playing FF14 Reborn Eorzea.

First of all, I will review the background of this work. “FF14” is an MMORPG released by Square Enix in 2010, and was significantly renewed as “New Eorzea” in 2013, and the service is still ongoing. In December 2021, a new expansion package “Akatsuki no Finale” was released, completing the big story that had been going on so far, and a new story is about to begin.

Previously, the management team of this work set the theme of “further evolution to an RPG that can be played by” one person “or” everyone “as a future challenge . Due to the nature of online games and MMORPGs, it is inevitable to interact and cooperate with people. That can be said to be the real thrill of MMORPG, but it is a fact that it is a genre that beginners and inexperienced people cannot easily deal with, such as the high hurdles and the risk of developing unexpected troubles.

There are many people who say, “I like the FF series and have played it, but I’ve never played” FF11 “and” FF14 “…”. Meanwhile, with this update, the “New Eorzea” part, that is, from the start of the game to the level 50, can be played solo .

Let’s try it now! However, it is easy to hesitate to step into an unfamiliar genre. Not only that, but I’m still worried about the “monthly billing system” … There is a ” free trial ” for you. The free trial is a trial version of “FF14”, and it is a substitute that you can play the story of the beginning + the story up to the first expansion package for free.

“Free trial” has system restrictions such as “transaction of items between players”, “some chat functions”, and “cannot join a free company (guild)” when comparing the functions with the product version. However, if you play solo, it’s also a part that doesn’t really bother you.

Also, there is no limit on the play time, and it is possible to transfer the data to the product version, so it is ant to start with a free trial and purchase the product version if you like it.

Now to the world of “FF14”! Which race and which job do you want?

After downloading and installing, let’s play the free trial version immediately! First, create a character. Currently, there are 8 races, and in the free trial version, you can choose from 6 types up to the “Aura” race. I will choose Aura this time because it is a big deal!

Even within the same race, the parts that can be edited are further subdivided, and in the case of this Aura tribe, there are two types, the “Aura Ren tribe” with white scales and horns, and the “Aura Zera tribe” with bluish-purple horns and scales. There are also several face types available, and the width of the character is fairly wide, such as differences in the shape of the horns and the types of face parts. To be honest, it’s fun just to create a character, and the time melts more and more …

After that, select the class at the beginning of the game, that is, the profession. There are currently 19 combat jobs, and at the start you will have to choose from eight.

I will explain in detail in another article, but the system of “FF14” has three roles called “rolls”, a strong “tank” that becomes the command tower of the party, and “DPS” that advances the battle with high firepower. , And each has its own characteristics as a “healer” that recovers and supports allies . By raising the level, it will evolve into familiar jobs of “FF” such as “Black Mage” and “Dragoon”.

  • [Tank] Swordsman (Knight), Axman (Warrior)
  • [DPS] Fighter (Monk), Spearman (Dragoon), Archer (Bard), Magician (Black Mage), Tomoeman (Summoner)
  • [Healer] Illusionist (White Mage)

You can also change to another profession early in the game, so it’s okay to choose comfortably without thinking too much at first! This time , select “Tomoe” , a DPS that fights with the summoned beast .

After the character click, select the “Data Center (DC)” and “World” where you want to place the character. DC is a large server category, and Japan DC corresponds to “Elemental”, “Mana”, and “Gaia”. At each DC, we will select about 10 smaller servers, the “world”. It is OK to recognize that DC is a “university campus” and world is a “university faculty”. You can freely come and go as long as the world is in the same DC.

It is recommended to select a world with a star mark, which is a “preferred world” unless you are particular about selecting a world. In the preferential world, the experience points that can be obtained will be doubled, so just by advancing the story, the level will rise steadily! If you have an acquaintance who started earlier, choose a world that belongs to the same DC.

Once you’ve entered your character’s name, you’re ready for the adventure. This time, we will be adventuring as “Gemmy Sparrow”, or “Spa-chan” for short !

Your story starting here-Welcome to Eorzea!

Introducing the main story from here. The game starts with some meaningful scenes and a conversation with a friendly uncle who was on the same ship, but Spa-chan’s ship is suddenly attacked by a pirate ship. Security is bad. This area called “Eorzea” is recovering from the unprecedented catastrophe that occurred five years ago, the “Seventh Spiritual Disaster”, but clashes with various races called “barbarians” and domestic politics, It has various problems such as the threat of the “Galemar Empire” that plans to rule Eorzea.

I managed to shake off the pirate ship and safely arrived at the sea capital “Limsa Lominsa”. Depending on the profession you choose first, the countries and stories you visit early will be different. Finally, Spa-chan’s great adventure begins!

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