December 2, 2022

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Careful preparation strengthens fading people

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Careful preparation strengthens fading people

Careful preparation strengthens fading people

I see, it’s a big idea, and it’s time to get ready. Start Elden Ring and check if key binding is possible to Popcon in the first place … but unfortunately it cannot be set as it is. Therefore, convert the keyboard input with ” JoyToKey ” and set it. However, Pop’n Music is a game that you play by hitting nine buttons. It is not possible to set all that complicated operation of Elden Ring, so it is necessary to make a choice. The author has set these 9 types.

Move the four keys in the area operated with your left hand . This is to move it as if it were a so-called WASD operation. At this point, nearly half of the buttons are occupied … The blue button on the left is locked on . Since you can not operate the camera with 9 buttons, put it in a position where you can press forward and lock on with one hand, and if the enemy is not nearby, make effective use of the function that the camera resets to the side facing your character. .. Evasion, jump, weak / strong attack are set for each button in the area operated with the right hand . You can handle the minimum battle. Finally, two small buttons at the top center. While saying 9 buttons, I will make full use of this button so that I can use the item . You can say anything cowardly! I’ll use anything to survive!

In this way, a poor fading man who forgot his tactics on the first day was born, who could not operate the camera and could not attack with his left hand.

I’d like to go on an adventure trip … but I’m hoping that you can see the death battle with the boss because the operation is unclear on the way and the fading people just wander around.

First of all, it is a battle with the guard dog of the return tree , familiar with the stone thug “You, isn’t it a cat?” Since the only way to attack here is to hit it with a club, avoid the opponent’s attack anyway → counter it by repeating a strong jump attack. Due to the lack of freedom in camera operation, mistakes such as close-up mistakes are conspicuous, but by using a fatal blow that matches the opponent’s down, it is defeated in the second challenge. I can go, I can go!

The part at 00:41 was upset by the opponent’s excessive strength and moved with the controller as a matter of course.

Next, I will challenge the mad soldiers of the Massive Uri eyes Cucurbitaceae and pumpkin helmets hidden in the ruins of the post station of Limgrave . The opponent is a strong enemy who is good at continuous attacks without skis, and mistakes such as rushing to drink the Holy Grail bottle in a row can be seen. Furthermore, almost all of the jump heavy attacks that were effective in the guard dog battle of the return tree hit the helmet part, damage did not pass, and defeats were repeated.

However, after nearly two hours of deadly battle, the path to victory has become apparent. The opponent’s attack is not to be separated, but on the contrary, it is thoroughly avoided toward the opponent. “Anyway, a tactic of relentlessly hitting the opponent’s knee” was born, in which attacks are repeated weak attacks with little damage even if the damage is small. With a noisy move that could be said to be the real mad soldier, he won the victory.

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