December 2, 2022

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Experience sophisticated DPS Check out Sojon playing with Over watch 2

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Experience sophisticated DPS Check out Sojon playing with Over watch 2

Experience sophisticated DPS Check out Sojon playing with Over watch 2

The railgun of “Sojon” is a weapon that emits high energy. When the attack shot on the main shot (left click) hits the enemy, energy accumulates, and that energy is consumed to shoot a high-powered shot as a sub shot (right click). The energy charge is indicated on the reticle.

The main shot requires reloading with 40 shots, and the sub shot will inflict damage of about 30 shots at once at the maximum charge. How accurately you can hit this powerful sub-shot is likely to be the key to causing great damage.

It is important to seamlessly judge and select each attack, as you can shoot the sub-shot smoothly while shooting the main shot. You will need to feel the timing of energy charging, not just shooting. After all, in order to shoot as many high-powered sub-shots as possible, you need to hit the main shot anyway.

“Disruptor Shot” (E) that makes the best use of sub-shots

The disruptor shot activated by the E key (PC version) is a spherical range attack that obstructs the movement of the enemy and causes damage. It’s powerful just to shoot for the time being, but it’s very good as an ability to make it easier to hit the railgun sub-shot mentioned above. It’s a good idea to remember it as one of the attacking hands to stop the enemy’s movement and make sure to hit a powerful sub-shot with the maximum charge.

“Power slide” (Shift) that realizes high mobility

With a mechanized body, Sojon realizes overwhelming mobility by rocket propulsion. This ability moves at high speed like roller skating on the ground, and you can jump high if you jump while sliding.

The usefulness in such a situation is the strength of this character called “Sojon”. You will be able to play with the enemy with skillful character control (and aiming) when engaging, as well as taking a hill that allows the line of sight to pass through the enemy.

Of course, it is used to damage enemies, but this “power slide” is also excellent as a way to break away from unexpected enemies and surprise attacks. The cooldown is as fast as 5 seconds, and I feel that it is easy to use because it is easy to use if you feel danger.

Overwhelming high heat “overclocking” (Q / Ult)

The ultimate ability of “Sojon” is to automatically replenish the energy of the railgun. Since a powerful sub-shot can be delivered without hitting the enemy, I felt that using it like a DMR was one way (only the author who is not good at aiming …?). I want to get the most out of Ult in combination with the disruptor shots mentioned above.

Sojon is easy to handle and has high potential!

As you navigate through Sojon, you’ll see that advanced character control and aiming are required. The best example is that you can’t launch a powerful attack without hitting it in the first place. It may seem like a high level of difficulty, but it’s also true that even beginners can easily understand it and don’t have the impression that it’s “difficult to use” because all abilities are easy-to-understand effects. The railgun has a habit-free assault rifle-like shot feeling only on the main shot, and the power slide is also useful for withdrawal and high-speed movement without complicated movements.

Sojon, a powerful damage hero who is easy to handle even for beginners and has no upper limit due to improved player skills, feels like a well-crafted character suitable as a hero to decorate the beginning of this work.

“Push” that switches between offense and defense

The new mode “Push” is to scramble for control of the robot in the center of the map and push the robot to the enemy’s base. Simply put, it ‘s a payload that changes offense and defense .

To be honest, this mode has the impression that various elements are intricately involved, and I felt that it was difficult to understand without playing it many times. The rules themselves are simple, but the ability to read the battle situation, such as “what kind of composition should be challenged” and “whether the hero should be changed according to the offense and defense when it collapses”, etc. I felt that was required .

Of course, even in the existing mode, there was “push and pull of the front”, but it became more fluid in this mode called “push”. As the game progresses, it seems that it will be a mode that requires flexible playing and judgment.

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