December 2, 2022

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Good harvests such as fantasy world general store sim and barrage MMORPG-freshly picked

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Good harvests such as fantasy world general store sim and barrage MMORPG-freshly picked

Good harvests such as fantasy world general store sim and barrage MMORPG-freshly picked

Steam has many new titles appearing every day. I think there are many people who want to check out new works that are attracting a lot of attention, but can’t keep up with the release process.

Therefore, the Game * Spark editorial department narrowed down to the conditions that “within 3 days from early access and official release” and “the number of reviews has exceeded 100 (whether popular or unpopular)” , and the new work has just been picked up. Introducing the title! Check out this article to see what titles are getting a lot of attention on Steam right now.

Traitors in Salem

This work is a human wolf game set in the small town “Salem”. Online matches are assigned up to 15 players to villagers and werewolf. All players are given roles and can use their unique abilities to gain information, deceive enemies and kill other players. The game progresses while completing quests, and if you can hang a werewolf on the gallows during a town meeting, the villagers’ camp will win. The werewolf, on the other hand, aims to kill all the villagers.Title: Traitors in Salem

Turbo Overkill

This work is a solo play FPS in which a remodeled human Johnny Turbo with a chainsaw on one leg and a rocket launcher on one arm fights to recapture a cyberpunk city dominated by AI. It is said that it was influenced by retro FPS such as “DOOM”, “Duke Nukem”, and “Quake”, and it is characterized by the battle that develops at super high speed. In addition, various actions such as hero time, wall run, grappling hook, etc. are also implemented. There are also multiple upgrades and unlocking elements, and you can enjoy exciting battles in eight densely built layers and secret arenas.Title: Turbo Overkill
Compatible model: PC ( Steam )
Release date: April 22, 2022
Price: 2,050 yen

Sakurahime 2 (for adults)

Girl Games has started selling the sequel to the sexy puzzle game “Sakurahime 2”. This work is an adult game where you can enjoy such things and things with 10 beautiful girls. It seems that it is a content that saves the world by adventuring in a different world while being surrounded by beautiful girls. A free patch that releases adult content is also available on the store page. In addition, it is said that the game content is a kind design that can be played with one hand.Title: Sakurahime 2

Winkeltje: The Little Shop (Early Access Graduation)

This work is a simulation game that runs a general store in a fantasy world. As a manager, players buy products cheaply and sell them at high prices. We handle products that meet the needs of our customers, including foodstuffs such as resources and vegetables, clothing, weapons, and alchemy elixirs. The interior of the store is also important to attract a large number of customers. You can freely arrange display shelves, counters, craft stands, etc., and expand the scale of the store. You can also set up a kitchen garden, and it seems that you can sell the grown vegetables at the store.Title: Winkeltje: The Little Shop

Darza’s Dominion

This work is a ply-free barrage MMORPG. Set in a world of dots crowded with monsters, players repeatedly fight and strengthen, aiming to recapture the stolen world. It also features fast game speed and enemy barrage attacks, and also implements randomly generated maps and roguelike elements that lose equipment upon death. Dangerous bosses can fight with dozens of players, and it seems possible to upgrade their equipment by bartering loot and other items.Title: Darza’s Dominion

Train Simulator Classic (Early Access Graduation)

The train simulator “Train Simulator Classic”, which has been in early access since 2009, has been officially released. This work is a single-player simulation game that allows you to run various trains on 1/1 scale routes. Many overseas routes and trains have been implemented, and more than 600 DLCs have been sold so far. In addition, the actual train operation is realistically reproduced, and the safety system, signals, etc. can be operated from the control board from the engine.Title: Train Simulator Classic

Trolley Problem, Inc.

A comedy game by the general producer of ” Gang Beasts ” is now available. The theme of this work is “trolley problem”, and the player will make a judgment from the ultimate two choices. The content of the game is said to be based on the actual philosophical theory, and you can enjoy a story full of dark humor. In addition, the narrator evaluates the selected options dry. It is also possible to compare which option other players have chosen.Title: Trolley Problem, Inc.

Warpips (Early Access Graduation)

The tower defense “Warpips” set in the military world of cute graphics is officially released. This is a military game with an emphasis on strategy. Players will successfully deploy soldiers, tanks, helicopters, and aircraft to intercept enemies. Battles are randomly generated each time, and you can enjoy deep battles while being easy to operate. In the official release, many content patches such as new units, end bosses, stages, etc. are delivered.Title: Warpips


Terraforming builder “Terraformers” set in Mars has started early access. This work is a city planning game that explores the undeveloped land of Mars. Players will manage various resources and develop and prosper Mars on a planetary scale. Buildings can be constructed by choosing from cards randomly distributed each turn, consuming resources and arranging them. In addition, each life form has conditions for growth, and it seems that it will eventually lead to the birth of a rich forest where bears live.Title: Terraformers

Godlike Burger

Daedalic Entertainment has started distribution of the space burger store management game “Godlike Burger” developed by Liquid Pug. In this work, you will become the chef of a space burger shop that travels through the galaxy, and will manage the kitchen alone and provide delicious burgers to alien customers. However, the secret to its deliciousness is the alien customers themselves. It kills customers who visit the store and uses them as ingredients. You can put it in a trap, or you can go straight from the front with a butcher knife. If you are suspected by the space police, move the store or give a bribe to get it overlooked.

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