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In fact a long long run series It’s not too late to play the top-down 3D ACT Darksiders Genesis

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In fact a long long run series It's not too late to play the top-down 3D ACT Darksiders Genesis

In fact a long long run series It's not too late to play the top-down 3D ACT Darksiders Genesis

In 2022, the evolution of the game will continue, and high-difficulty 3D action games such as the “Soul” series will be very popular. However, I’ve recently become aware that I’m not young, so it’s almost time for action games to catch up with my reflexes.

Since I have been playing games for a long time, it is a fact that I can still play works such as TPS and FPS. However, playing such a hard work suddenly is a high hurdle.

Some of you may want to play a hard action game even for the first time. To such a person. How about the top -down action game ” Darksiders Genesis ” to get used to it?

In this article, we will introduce the title for Nintendo Switch / PS4 / Xbox One / PC (Steam etc.) sold by THQ Nordic .

Become a knight who protects the harmony of the world!

The Creator of the world establishes a council to bring harmony to the battle between angels and demons. At that time, a race called Nephilim, born from the fusion of angels and demons, seeks their own place and wages a war over the place called Eden where human beings live.

The four who separated from the Nephilim during the conflict were given power by the council, and were newly ordered as the four knights who control harmony and killed their relatives. Mankind involved in the conflict moves to a new place of residence, the Earth.

The names of the four knights are “War,” “Fury,” “Death,” and “Strife.” While the effects of past conflicts have not healed, War and Strife are told by the council that the devil Samael is colluding with Lucifer to destroy humanity, and is ordered to crush this plot and keep it in harmony. ..

The story begins when the two go to the fortress of Samael, where his castle is somehow attacked by another army.

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, this work is a top-down action game. With a chapter clear type structure, we will advance the stage while switching between “Strife”, which shoots a 2-choken gun and runs lightly on the battlefield, and “War”, which is a power type mainly composed of a large sword chaos eater. Depending on the scene, you may also be required to solve the mystery.

Defeating enemies that appear along the way may drop an item called a creature core, and collecting these cores will enhance their stats. By changing the core, the way of fighting changes, so there is also a way of enjoying it that is close to hack and slash.

At the end of each chapter, there is also a battle with a huge boss … The story and the gimmick’s mystery solving are well balanced, and the design that does not feel slack is also wonderful. However, due to the slightly unique camera work, it may take some time for some people to get used to it.

In addition, souls that can be recovered from enemies and destructible boxes during the stage will also become the currency of shops that will be lifted later, and you can also strengthen Strife and War separately. The two have independent stats and upgrades are treated individually.

You can enjoy it even more if you play with friends, not just one.

This work also supports online / offline co-op, and you can also play with friends and family. The Steam version also supports Steam Remote Together, so you can play online multiplayer with split screens even if your friends do not own this work.

You can play this work by yourself until it is clear, but you can enjoy it even more if you play with your family and friends.

Actually, an unexpected original author …

Actually, this work “Darksiders Genesis” is a long story that continues from “Darksiders” released in 2010 (currently remade with ” Darksiders Warmastered Edition “, it is easier to play than at that time) War, who is the day before the series, is the main character of this work, and is also a 4 knight, is also an important role in the series.

Also, the first “Darksiders” was designed and scenariod by Joe Madureira, one of the original authors of ” X-MEN “, which is familiar to American comics, and is based on John’s apocalypse as you can see from the character’s name. It is a scenario.

The gameplay of each series is very different, but the scenarios are closely linked, and in the first “Darksiders”, an end-of-life war that shouldn’t have happened on the modern earth, and at that time Of the four knights that originally appeared, only War appeared for some reason. Eventually he will be held responsible and will be pursued by the council.

The earth that collapsed due to the final war and became hell. War goes to his investigation there to fulfill his false charge.

In “Darksiders II Deathinitive Edition”, the four knights Death will be the main characters, and they will struggle for the blamed War, and in “Darksiders III (Darksiders 3)” from the continuation of 2. A spectacular story unfolds across multiple works, such as Fury fighting a surviving human race for a new mission.

Strife, who is also the main character of “Darksiders Genesis”, has appeared in other series only by name, but this work is actually the first to appear as a playable character. Many mysteries will be revealed for the first time, such as what kind of mission he was under.

The settings and appearance are similar to the devil, but the four knights of the Players Apocalypse, the council pieces for maintaining absolute harmony, are neither angels nor devils. The race that, if it disturbs the balance of harmony, turns its blade even if it is an angel and breaks the seal that triggers the end of the war, is a clear enemy for all four knights.

The story about “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse after the Apocalypse”, which does not belong to either simple good or evil and is spun while being tossed by the plots of various races including the council, is highly evaluated. increase. If you play this work and are curious about its story and world view, you can try playing the series from the beginning.

Whether you’re getting started with the series or getting in touch with hard action, why not stand at the entrance to the apocalypse called “Darksiders Genesis”?

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