December 2, 2022

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Metroidvania x barrage STG The Knight Witch announcement video

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Metroidvania x barrage STG The Knight Witch announcement video

Metroidvania x barrage STG The Knight Witch announcement video

Developer Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team and publisher Team17 have released an announcement trailer for the 2D shooter action The Knight Witch .

This is a 2D action game that combines fast-paced barrage shooting with Metroidvania’s exploration and deck building elements. The main character, “Rain,” becomes a knight witch and fights with her magic to save the underground city “Danjonidas,” which has been surrounded by a golem army led by a mysterious force.

The main character can be trained in a form that suits his play style by equipping his favorite magic using the deck construction system and learning night abilities, and he also grows with the support of the residents of “Danjonidas”. At times, they are forced to choose between deceiving them and pursuing their own interests, or focusing on telling the truth even in painful content. Other main features of this work are as follows.

Overwhelm with magical shooting!

From fast-paced shooting styles to destructive chanting, use magic to defeat the strongest and most terrifying enemies and upgrade powerful self-reinforcing skills such as “machine guns” and “triple shots.”

Dynamic customization!

Choose and customize from over 30 unique spell cards to create your own play style. You can make an aggressive glass cannon specialized for a long distance, directly attack with a powerful ax in close combat, and send out a shock wave with high damage!

Build trust and build deep bonds

Your heroic deeds and efforts will bring great rewards in your journey through Danjonidas. Knight witches become stronger with gratitude and trust, so they need to be more likable. The choices you make have a profound effect on those around you, so be careful!

Quantitative improvement of “quality of life”

“The Knight Witch” is designed as a Metroidvania game that removes the “barriers” for players, with an intuitive on / off “auto aim” system, a world-transforming “cheat”, and a main story. With a navigation system that focuses on, you can enjoy the game according to your play level without getting lost.

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