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The latest Resident Evil movie is a must-see work full of love for game fans! Introducing the highlights of “Biohazard”

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The latest Resident Evil movie is a must-see work full of love for game fans

The latest Resident Evil movie is a must-see work full of love for game fans

Six years have passed since the movie series starring Milla Jovovich, which is a live-action version of Capcom’s worldwide blockbuster survival horror game “Resident Evil” series. The reboot movie “Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City”, which was released in Japan in January 2022, will be digitally distributed from April 20th and will be released on Blu-ray & DVD & UHD from May 11th.

In this article, we will introduce the charm of this work as a survival horror movie that has returned to the origin, the history of live-action of the “Resident Evil” series, and the I will continue to do it. There may be more original reproduction elements that even those who have already seen it did not notice …?

History of “live-action version” “Resident Evil”

The first game “Resident Evil” is a PlayStation title released in 1996. Live-action video was used in the movie scene of the game, and it was a work that was “live-action” from the beginning. The Alpha team, including Chris and Jill, was played by foreign actors living in Japan, and Cerberus (zombie dogs) used sculptures.

In the following “Resident Evil 2” released in 1998, all the in-game movies became 3DCG, but a TV CM directed by George A. Romero, the founder of the zombie movie, was produced, and Leon, Claire, and zombies with special make-up are live-action. It appeared in.

And in the movie “Resident Evil” series directed by Paul W. S. Anderson, which started in 2002, the civilization was destroyed by the undead from the third work centering on the original character “Alice” played by Milla Jovovich. A movie-specific story set on the earth is unfolding. This movie version also influenced the original game series, such as the laser trap that appeared in the first movie was reimported into “Resident Evil 4” released in 2005. And with “Resident Evil: The Final,” released in 2016, the 14-year-old story of Alice is complete.

From its birth to the present, the “Resident Evil” series has an inseparable relationship with live-action.

The movie “Biohazard: Welcome to Raccoon City” that returns to the origin

“Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City” is based on the 2002 game “Resident Evil (remake version)” and 2019 “Resident Evil RE: 2”. Is drawn from a unique perspective. Like the original, it strongly pushes out the survival horror element, and the coat color has changed significantly from the previous series starring Milla Jovovich, which emphasized action.

Directed by Johannes Roberts of the 47 Meters Down series. The director of the previous series, Paul W. S. Anderson, is the executive producer, and the associate producer is Hiroyuki Kobayashi of Capcom, who was the producer of the games “Resident Evil 4” and “Resident Evil 6”. increase.

The movie features STARS, including Claire & Chris’s Redfield brothers and sisters, new police officer Leon S. Kennedy, and Jill Valentine, who are familiar with the original game. Of course, creatures such as zombies, cerberus, and lickers that are indispensable for “Bio” will also appear. Lisa Trevor, who appeared in the remake version “1”, has also been made into a live-action film for the first time.

Is it a little strange as an original fan? But the cast members who are addicted to it

Many “Bio” fans saw the notice of this work and felt that it was a strange feeling of casting such as “Isn’t Leon different?” Or “Which is Jill?” In terms of reproduction of the original, Kaya Scodelario as Claire is the same as Claire in the game no matter how you look at it, and Robbie Amell as Chris plays a young Chris in the STARS era before hitting and moving a huge rock with bare hands. doing.

On the other hand, Leon played by Avan Jogia has an image far from the cool irony of the original, and Jill played by Hannah John-Kamen has been changed to a rather naughty personality playing with a gun. In particular, the fact that Wesker, played by Tom Hopper, has the opposite character to the game, and that Redfield brothers and sisters are from nursing homes, will make you feel as uncomfortable as the original fans.

However, the character setting that is different from these games works well in the story of the movie composed by mixing the original “1” and “2”. This is a place I would like fans to check out if they don’t like eating. It is also noteworthy that the Japanese dubbed version includes gorgeous voice actors such as Fairouz Ai, Subaru Kimura, and Yuki Kaji.

The story of this work basically moves around Claire, but since it is drawn dramatically as a group image, it feels like a game “Resident Evil Outbreak” set in the same Raccoon City as an original fan. Will be.

Also, it is one of the big highlights for fans that the process of raccoon city residents becoming zombies, which was drawn only in text such as diary in the original game series, is drawn.

The original reproduction is amazing! If you are a fan, check here

As a fan of the original, I’m wondering how much original elements can be incorporated into this work. Do not worry about that. This movie is full of scenes that surprisingly reproduce the original game.

First, the film depicts what happened in Raccoon City on September 30, 1998, which is about the same date as the original Resident Evil 2. (From September 29th to 30th, 1998 in the game)

Besides, the most famous (?) Diary text “ITCHY TASTY” of the original game “1”, the truck driver who eats the hamburger that appears in the early movie of “RE: 2”, and the characteristic playing cards The key of the motif is also reproduced. Furthermore, you can see the original love and commitment of the staff that exudes from the screen, such as the STARS office, the main hall of the Raccoon City police station, and the Western-style building, which are almost the same as the game from the layout to the arrangement of small items.

Herbs that are familiar to the series also appear casually somewhere on the screen, so you should look for them. At the end of the game, there is also a homage to “Resident Evil Code: Veronica”.

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