December 2, 2022

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Thieves vs Thieves vs Guards Battle ACT Hood: Outlaws & Legends

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Thieves vs Thieves vs Guards Battle ACT Hood Outlaws & Legends

Thieves vs Thieves vs Guards Battle ACT Hood Outlaws & Legends

This work is based on the legend of Robin Hood, and the legendary character revives as a new character. The vast map further arranges the world view at that time and reproduces the medieval European style. Powerful maps such as huge fortresses and snowy mountains have been created.

The game system is very simple, with 8 people divided into 2 teams aiming to collect treasure. The flow of the game is divided into the following three steps, and the team that can collect the treasure at the end wins.

We also have an early guide that introduces recommended characters and game systems for those who are new to this game, so please have a look!Treasure hunt in medieval Europe! PvPvE Thieves ACT “Hood: Outlaws & Legends” An early guide for beginners to succeed in robbery operations

And three game modes are implemented in this work. From the next section, we will deliver the contents and how you actually played each one!

Thieves vs Thieves vs Guards PvPvE Mode “Outlaws Treasure Treasure Breaker”!

The most typical game mode of this game is PvPvE ” Outlaws’ Treasure Vault Breaking “. Eight people will be divided into two teams, aiming to collect the treasure chest while scratching the eyes of the enemy NPC guards.

When the game starts, each team will spawn from their home base. First, the players aim to steal the treasure chest key. However, the key is possessed by the governor, who is the strongest NPC in this work .

The governor roams the map randomly. Sometimes he’s close to his enemies, and sometimes he’s close to his team, so that’s all he has to do.

Even if you want to find it quickly, if you run around boldly, the guards will find out and your position will be highlighted by the enemy. I’d like to calm down and steal the key without rushing, but if I’m slow, the enemy team will take it first … Covert action and bold movements, that Shioume is quite difficult …

If you can get the key, the next step is to look for the treasure chest. On the other hand, if the key is stolen first, defeat the enemy key player and steal it.

From this step, the battlefield becomes even more intense. Keys are repeatedly stolen and you must always be on the lookout for your enemies. The treasure chest is randomly set from multiple points, and its doors are strictly guarded by powerful knights.

And if you find a treasure chest, all you have to do is collect it! However, the hardest part is from here …

One of the team members has to take the treasure chest and carry it to somewhere in multiple collection points, but of course the enemy will interfere.

After installing the treasure chest at the collection point, wind up the winch to complete the unloading. The battle situation is the final stage. The team that performed the last roll will win!

Loot against the nation! Incandescent PvE mode “breaking national treasure trove”

In addition to interpersonal battles, this work also has a PvE mode that confronts NPCs in teams of up to 4 people. This mode is also recommended for people who are just starting out and want to practice and are not good at interpersonal battles !

However, just because you don’t have an enemy team doesn’t mean it’s too easy and unresponsive. Rather the opposite. I had the hardest time in this mode …

The flow of the game is almost the same as PvPvE. Steal the key from the governor, find the treasure chest, and carry the treasure chest. After that, I would like to collect it, but the wholesaler does not wholesale it.

If you can set up a treasure chest in the collection zone, it’s time to start PvE mode. Guards are rushing in to prevent the recovery.
Therefore, the player must keep fighting for a certain period of time to keep the guards out of the recovery zone .

And it is the governor-general that must not be forgotten. If you set up a treasure chest, the governor can go straight to the treasure chest without looking at the player. If you allow access to the treasure chest, the game will be forcibly over, so use bombs and abilities to block the movement of the governor.

To be honest, I was licking in PvE mode … This time I tried to form a fixed party, but it took about 5 times to clear it. Also, the enemy guards will be defeated as soon as they are too alert.

Defeat it and take it away! New mode “Gold Rush”

By the way, the third one I would like to introduce is the new mode “Gold Rush” . As the name suggests, the two teams run around the map to guess the gold items and collect them randomly.

The victory condition is to collect more money than the opponent team or reach the threshold of the collection gauge by the time limit. Gold can be found on objects such as vases on the map, defeated and robbed guards, and robbed by enemy players.

If you can steal the key and collect the treasure chest from the treasure chest like in other modes, you will get more money. However, stolen or picked up gold items must be taken to the control base on the map to complete the collection.

Unlike other modes, you can collect the treasure chest just by transporting it to the suppression base. Even if you carry only one, you have a chance to make a comeback. Of course, there is interference from the enemy team, but …

Also, as with any mode, controlling the base is also important. If you do not control the base, you will not be able to collect money, so it is convenient to secure a nearby base. It also becomes a respawn point for allies, and you can return to the front immediately.

in conclusion

This time, when the domestic PS version came out, I knew about this work for the first time, but when I actually played it, it turned out to be betrayed in a good way .

There are many good points such as the world view of medieval Europe drawn with beautiful graphics, unique characters born from the legend of Robin Hood, growth factors and too abundant skins, but the most recommended point is It means that “the weight is not close to the battle” .

Although this work is PvPvE, it is also a stealth game and a co-op game . Defeating the enemy is important, but covert action is also important. Furthermore, cooperation with allies is indispensable. There are situations where people who are not good at fighting can play an active role, and there are also people who need to take the lead and defeat the enemy. And the victory that the team has taken together will be more valuable than any treasure.

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